What Shoes Do You Need For Parkour?

If you are someone that likes to get exercise and enjoys getting a great cardio workout , then parkour is the sport for you!  The great thing about parkour is that it is an exhilarating sport, that is also a fantastic source of exercise!  Along with this great exercise, another great thing about parkour is its low cost of entry!

Parkour ShoesSo now that I have you intrigued, what actually is parkour?  Parkour is described as the set of movements and sport that involves a person getting from point A to Point B as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  Although this might sound boring, it actually is quite amazing to watch!  This involves people sprinting and moving as fast as they can while vaulting over railings and tables and climbing up walls to get over and past them.  The great thing about parkour is that they’re all human like movements that we might have lost.  You really start to regain some animal like instinct by practicing these movements.

So now that you know all about parkour and you are ready to start to practice, what do you all need for parkour?  Thankfully as I said earlier, parkour actually has a very low cost of entry for a sport.  Generally speaking for parkour all you really need is a good pair of shoes.  That being said, what are the parkour shoes?

Now when you are just starting out you might be able to get away with really any pair of athletic shoes.  But as you start to practice more and you get more advanced, then you really need to make sure you get the right shoes, or you can risk injury!  A good pair of parkour shoes has the following specifications:

  • It should have a good amount of grip on the bottom of the shoe for gripping the ground and also for gripping a wall if you are trying to climb up!
  • It should have great ankle support.  This is great for making sure you don’t roll or injury your ankle as you land from a fall or jump.
  • It should be light weight.  You won’t be able to move quickly and safely if you are wearing something heavy like boots.
  • It should be breathable.  Along with being light-weight you want a shoe that is breathable so your feet don’t get extremely hot, and your feet will remain comfortable.

Overall there are quite a few different options for great parkour shoes.  I definitely recommend you take a look at the Under Armor UA athletic shoe.  It has great grip which keeps you in control even if the surface is wet and slippery.  Along with this, it has great ankle support so you don’t feel like you are going to roll your ankle if you jump and turn too quickly.  Overall it is one of the best parkour shoes I personally have used, and I definitely recommend it to all parkour athletes of all skill ranges.  If you are someone that practices parkour and you haven’t gotten shoes that are great for parkour, then it’s time to make the upgrade!

A Tactical Pen or A Regular Pen?

If you are someone who has to write why you are on the go then you should consider a tactical pen.  It can be a strange dynamic.  When you think of a pen, you think of just a regular pen this is typically made out of plastic or sometimes rubber.  But if you need a pen that is extremely tactical pendurable and that can take a beating.  And many regular pens simply snap or break quite easy so these aren’t good options.  Thankfully after reading from http://tacticaltutor.com/best-tactical-pen I was informed that there is a new option.  Tactical pens are extremely durable compared to just a regular pen.  They are generally made out of steel or airplane aluminum which makes them very sleek but also extremely durable.  Along with this, these pens can also have multifunctional tools built into it.  For example, you can also have a glass breaker tip on your pen just like my UZI Pen.  These tools can help you get out of a dangerous situation by providing you with a tool that you can carry around with you at all times.

When you purchase a tactical pen, there are a few different types and materials you can choose from.  I definitely prefer either steel or some sort of airplane metal.  I like these because they can truly take a beating, and they are pretty lightweight.  It is a great thing that these pens are light weight, this gives the pen the ability to be carried everywhere and it can be an everyday carry pen.

I personally have used these tactical pens a few times in various situations.  When I was a police officer I would always write any tickets or citations with a type of tactical pen.  I loved it!  I was able to write just like any pen, but also in this pen I had a glass breaker, and I had something to defend myself with if worse comes to worse.  I was glad that I was a little more prepared then I would be without it!

Why You Need Human Resources!

Your human resource department is a crucial component and a partner in your company’s success, but do you know exactly what it does for your business? The HR department does more than hire and fire employees, and can be your most important resource for improving morale and keeping your employees motivated.

HRBeing charged with taking care of payroll is a crucial task performed by HR. This task is made more difficult if your company hasn’t made a switch to a biometric time clock system. Biometric time clocks help prevent fraud, cut down on storage space (you won’t have to keep time cards any longer because they will be electronic), and eliminate the potential for errors when manually gathering and calculating time sheets and payroll information. Making a switch to a biometric time clock also helps cut down on employee fraud as employees will need to clock in with a fingerprint or handprint rather than punching a time card.

To be truly effective, the human resource department needs to operate in tandem with the rest of the management team, especially as the human resource professionals are charged with helping formulate a vision and mission for the future of the company. In that manner they will be looking to hire staff to bring the company’s vision to life.

Even in a difficult economy, the competition for qualified employees is fierce, so you need to rely on the human resource department to not only find qualified employees but to sell the company to those who are seeking a company with which to work. Staff members in the HR department will be charged with not only conveying the company guidelines, but spreading the company culture as well.

When it comes to hiring and promoting from within, your HR pros will scope out existing talent. HR will also work on implementing a path toward staff morale improvement and working to keep things moving forward rather than having to try and fix potential issues that arise. The HR department is an evangelist for the company to the employees and is also an advocate for the employee when management issues arise.

Your HR department will be a collaborative partner and work as your first line of defense in keeping current employees happy and satisfied in their positions. Remember, it is easier and more cost effective to keep current employees than it is to hire and train new. The HR department should be the hub of activity for both line staff and management alike so that your turn over rates is low and your work force satisfied.