Hotel Health

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Even though most hotels adhere to the most strict standards of cleanliness, there are still certain health risks which are troublesome and need constant attention. Hotels attract people from all over the world, and there is no screening process for the health of each individual the checks in. That means people can bring in all types of viruses and contagions that are invisible to the eye. So it is of utmost importance that facilities use top-quality antibacterial cleaners on a daily basis. This not only goes for the rooms, but for any common areas such as the lobby, pool, and especially dining areas.

One serious issue hotels face is bedbugs. People travel from place to place, and even though your facility may be perfectly clean, they will bring these nasty critters from other places. Then they lay down on your clean beds and next thing you know, you have bedbugs. They may pick them up from visiting a friend, or staying in a lower quality overnight spot, but point is now you have them. Even though housekeepers wash the sheets after every stay, that may not be enough to get rid of them. They get into the carpet and the bedspreads, which aren’t clean as often.


All hotels should have a protocol to inspect for bedbugs after every visit. If you have multiple parties staying together in your hotel, they can spread them from room to room. So one person could have them, but they visit others in three or four rooms, now they’ve spread like wildfire. So hotels need to keep on top of this problem. The last thing you want is an Internet review that says that you have bedbugs. Your reservations will drop drastically.

Another serious but not quite so nasty problem is ventilation. Ventilation systems that run through an entire building can become havens for dust and allergens over time. Especially in the spring and summer when windows and doors are open, pollen is everywhere. It ends up inside the vents and then circulates throughout your whole building. The issue with this of course is allergies. So many people have allergies these days that having nasty air ducts, can affect their health. You want to stay in your hotel to be as pleasant as possible, so you want to keep the air crisp and clean.


Another tricky spot is your airair ducts. The filters in your air conditioner must be changed on a regular basis. When hotels are busy, the air conditioning can be running almost 24/7. When there are allergens in the filtration system, this could make someone who has allergies prone to attacks. Ed from who specializes in heating Villanova , suggests that air conditioner filters be checked once per month during the warmer parts of the year. The main goal is to keep your guest happy and healthy so that they enjoy their visit and return for years to come.