How to Get the Best Deal on Your Next Hotel Stay

How to Get the Best Deal on Your Next Hotel Stay

Travelling either for business or vacation can greatly eat into your pocket. Apart from travel expenses, hotel rooms will be the next big item to eat into your budget. Hotel bills will include costs for nights spend, meals or even resort fees. Β Here is how to get the best deal on your next hotel stay.

Request for Corner Rooms

Corner rooms present you with a larger space room per square foot for relatively the same price. It is recommended that you make your request discreetly when not many people are queuing to be served at the reception.

Making Bookings within Cancellation period

People make cancellations for hotel rooms frequently. Most of the cancellations take place between 24 to 48 hours prior to arrival. These present the best opportunity as the rates will go down. Hotels will be trying to avoid empty rooms. You will get an absolute discount with this method.

Enjoy Loyalty Programs Run by Hotels

You can sign into a hotels’ loyalty program at any given time. These programs are geared at rewarding loyal customers and enticing them to choose the hotel again. Loyalty programs will offer you good rates, free items, possibly free nights or even free Wi-Fi. Apart from hotels, some of the online booking platforms also offer a similar program.

Look at New properties

When hotels are relatively new in the market, they offer irresistible prices to their potential guests. The reason behind this is they are trying to increase business and create a customer base. They are also trying to get known and compete effectively.

Monitor Events and Trends

Making hotel bookings should be smartly timed unless in unavoidable circumstances. Book when most people are not making bookings. A good example is making bookings in resort hotels mid-week when the majority of the people will be making theirs during weekends. Similarly, central business hotels are less booked during the weekends as opposed to weekdays.

Strike a Rapport with Employees

Getting to know hotel employees can put you at an advantage. This can easily get you a refund when you decide to make a cancellation. You are also likely to get to know of any existing offers if you have made friends within.

Book Secret Hotels

You can save a large percentage of hotel cost by employing this technique. Hotels that do not want their rooms to remain empty offer this sweet deal. However, you will not know upfront the name of the hotel you have booked.

Bottom Line

There are many costs involved in traveling. Hotel costs are expensive and could cost you a good fortune. However, you can enjoy better rates by taking into consideration the above tricks.